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Balboa Research Group develops trusted brands on the internet for data driven problem solving. We help people find answers and improve their lives with expert written content and useful digital products and services in areas including health, diet, fitness and brain function.

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InGoodHealth brings together experts in Health and Wellness, Digital Technology, and Online Content to provide valuable information on various Health-related topics.

We believe in helping people gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their Health goals. Our mission is to provide accurate, up to date, personalized information on various Health-related topics, and to provide tools that assist you in making healthy lifestyle changes. We do so by creating science-based content, articles, and assessments to help you make informed decisions and increase your knowledge of Health and Wellness.

At Test My Metrics we believe in helping people gain a deeper understanding of themselves. That’s why we created a simple online test to allow anyone to test their cognitive abilities and obtain their IQ score.

From Neuroscience, to Psychometrics to Digital Technology, we combine many diverse disciplines to create our proprietary, reliable and valid IQ test. Our goal is to make cognitive testing available to everyone.

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